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Tips On How To Apply Perfume The Right Way

It can take you back to a specific time of your life and trigger even the most distant memories. As a matter of fact, the connection between scent and emotion is a very real thing.

Whether you like to smell like a meadow of flowers, orange blossoms, or freshly cut grass, the way you apply your fragrance can make a world of difference to help you smell amazing all day long. If you are curious to find out the rules of applying perfume correctly, you have come to the right place.

How To Apply Perfume:

What You Need

Step By Step Procedure:

Step 1: Moisturize Your Skin

Did you know perfume lasts longer on oily skin? Who knew, right? If you have dry skin, it is essential to apply a good unscented moisturizer before moving on to perfume. Moisturizing with your perfume’s matching lotion is even better because of layered scents last way longer.

Step 2: Know Where To Spray

Perfume is activated by body heat. To make your scent stand out and last longer, focus on your pulse points. Your pulse points are warm because of how closely the blood pumps near the skin’s surface there. Spray the fragrance on areas, such as your wrists, behind your ears, the sides of your neck, behind your knees, and behind your elbows. Pick a few of these areas, and don’t go overboard.

One mistake we have all made at some point is rubbing our wrists together after spraying on perfume. Don’t ever do that again. It only bruises the molecules in the fragrance and changes the way it smells. Instead, gently press your wrists together to transfer the fragrance.

One mistake we have all made at some point is rubbing our wrists together after spraying on perfumePinit

Step 3: Add Some In Your Hair

While you should never spray perfume directly onto your hair, because its alcohol content will dry out your hair, you can always spray some on your brush. Once you do so, wait for the alcohol to evaporate and run the brush through your tresses. This way, you get the benefits of the scent without damaging your hair!

Now that you have a fair idea of how to apply perfume the right way, here are some tips that will help your scent work harder so you can make the most of that fancy bottle.


Tips: How To Make Your Perfume Work Harder:

1. Choose The Right Concentration For You

Just like there are countless scents available out there, there are also different concentrations. Parfum contains about 20% fragrance oil in it, eau de perfume contains 10-20%, eau de toilette is a lighter scent with 10% fragrance oil, and body sprays stand at 1-3%.

If you need perfume for daily wear or work, pick an EDT because it tends to last well in air-conditioned spaces. If you need something fancy for special occasions, pick something concentrated, like an EDP or perfume. For a really subtle and refreshing spritz, choose a body splash. It is always a good idea to test out what works for you and your body chemistry and find a pick that is most appealing to you.

2. Carry Your Perfume With You

If you feel like your fragrance tends to fade during the day, carry it in your handbag. You can either buy a handy travel-sized bottle or spray a couple of Q-tips with your perfume and store them in a zip lock bag in your purse. This is the quickest way to touch-up your fragrance when you need to, and it is a whole lot easier to carry in your clutch.

3. Spray It At The Right Time

The best time to apply perfume is right after taking a shower and before putting on your clothes. The moisture on your skin helps lock in the scent. You can also say goodbye to staining delicate garments.

4. Walk Right Into The Mist

When you don’t want to smell too strong, spray your perfume in the air and slowly walk into the mist. This helps the fragrance distribute evenly across your body, leaving you with a subtle hint of scent.

That was our take on how to apply perfume the right way. We hope this article helps you enjoy your fragrance in all its glory. What is your favourite perfume of all time? Let us know in the comments section below.


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