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The business of Perfume

Perfumes and body care products is the fastest growing industry in South Africa and the rest of Africa. In South Africa alone it was reported 2.5 million bottles are sold every month. The perfume and fragrance industry is worth over $45 billion globally. In Africa, research estimates that the beauty market is worth $4.5 billion in South Africa, followed by Nigeria and Kenya.

If someone wants to be successful this is the industry to tap into.

Why Join Gabriella Lavigne

1. The perfume market is huge – the majority of adults and even teenagers are potential customers. Gabriella Lavigne is a great and exciting brand that anyone would want to try not to mention the benefits that one gets to enjoy by being associated with such a brand. We offer consumers excellent product quality and financial satisfaction.

2. With no overheads and no huge start-up costs, there are simply no financial risks yet enormous potential earnings. You will have peace of mind in the knowledge that perfumes have been popular for many centuries and you could be developing a business that could serve you for many years to come.

3. The Direct Selling sales channel is one of the fastest growing sales channels world-wide and has many advantages for manufacturers of products, distributors and consumers. With the financial rewards that can be earned introducing others to be loyal to Gabriella Lavigne you will certainly find many people who will be interested to join this kind of movement.

4. Unlike other products on the market that people get to buy once a year, perfumes are repeat products. Once someone gets hooked to a certain perfume they are likely to buy it every month or at least once every two months. This will ensure constant flow of funds for you. The more people within your network get to fall in love with The Gabriella Lagvine brand the more profit sharing you will earn. One can build as many accounts all you must do is refer 5 clients to each account and watch your profit sharing grow.

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